Press Statement After The Approbation Of Zambia's First Female Speaker, Nelly Mutti & Two Deputy Speakers


We just concluded the Approbation of our Country's First Female Speaker, Nelly Mutti and two Deputy Speakers.

Madam Speaker Nelly Mutti will be assisted by Attractor Chisangano, the First Deputy Speaker and Mr Moses Moyo, the Second Deputy Speaker.

The trio have a mammoth task ahead. The Executive as an arm of government guarantees the Legislature its independence in executing its duties. Our emphasis is that our country should never make laws against the people but for the people and the people must decide what becomes law through their elected representatives.

The Approbation of Madam Speaker, Madam First Deputy Speaker and Mr Second Deputy Speaker, illustrates our desired efforts in promoting women leadership in the Country.

We will be working round the clock and ensure that matters of gender equality are addressed.

Once more congratulations to Madam Speaker and her two deputies. We wish them success as they perform their duties in parliament.

May God Bless our Country.

Hakainde Hichilema

President of the Republic of Zambia